The Miscellaneous Goings On Of Tom - The Viking/Birthday Edition

Well, I Have Completed Another Lap Around The Sun...

Today I have turned 23 and just got back from another phenomenal weekend in Sheffield attending the 2019 edition of Hard Rock Hell Vikings! My band of warriors (a.k.a The West Country Raiding Party) set of from Bristol with cheer and merriment in our hearts ready to conduct our second year of raiding in the fabulous and beautiful city of Sheffield! There was drinking of mean, boisterous singing at the top of our lungs and plenty of unhealthy yet surprisingly filling Wetherspoons food. Almost instantaneously the post-festival weekend blues have set in and rather matches the cold and somber mood of winter, but for two years running I couldn't have wished for a better band of people to spend my birthday weekend with. 

What I'm Listening To At This Very Moment

Easily the band of the weekend for me, Heidevolk stole the show as the main support on Sunday. Their set was full of barnstorming anthems and would get even the shyest of dancers guzzling beer and stomping all over the tables. It's been awesome to re-immerse myself in the wonderful world of folk metal as well as enjoying some of the finest English black metal. If you are into epic songs about our favourite norsemen or a fan of songs about beer, this is definitely a band for you!

What I've Been Jamming To This Week

As you can expect, the music that I've been jamming to over the past week has been very Viking inspired and influenced. Well, you can't go into battle unprepared! So, this meant lots of Wardruna and Heilung to get me in the mood, as well as the festival's own playlist for the weekend. I love how invested people are in keeping the old European heritage and folk stories alive through a very modern art medium. I've seen some awesome bands over the weekend that have reassured me that the Vikings will always live on in our hearts and minds!

My Inner Viking Playlist

HRH Viking 2019 Playlist

Highlights From The Weekend

The Release Of Vanheimr's The Ghosts Of Our Past

You may also have noticed that my musical project dropped it's third EP today also, I've been sitting on The Ghosts Of Our Past for a long time and I'm so happy that I can finally share it with you. There will be more info in an upcoming Fjordhammer/Vanaheimr update, but you can check it out on all major streaming services and my bandcamp (links below)!



Time To Reflect & Enjoy The Rest Of My Day

It seems so strange for me to be sat here at 23. This year has been a tough one to say the least, many downs and negatives I could dwell on but there has also been some super highs and amazing positives. Vanaheimr has gone from strength to strength as a result and my blog is attracting the attention of all the right people and I'm loving it. Thankyou for everyone, you know who you are, that has helped me this year, invested in what I'm doing and continually supporting me. Now it's time to wallow in the post-weekend/gig blues from the comfort of my sofa, I've been battered and bruised this weekend but I wouldn't have had it any other. Hail all you crazy Vikings!


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