Vanaheimr/Fjordhammer - Update 9th December 2019

Vanaheimr/Fjordhammer - Update 9th December 2019

This is probably the last Vanaheimr update for the year, and what year it has been. It's been a very up and down year for me personally but for Vanaheimr it has gone from strength to strength. The end of year Spotify stats cam out recently and I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who checked out Vanaheimr, listened to my music and shared it. Statistically it's  pretty small amount of stats to other artists but personally it has been a massive year for Vanaheimr. Having 430 listeners in 53 countries means the absolute world, see for yourself;

It makes me is unbelievably happy to know that you guys are out there loving my music and it makes me want to create more for you all. I've honestly been humbled at seeing these stats and I can't quite describe how much I appreciate all of your support in this endeavour. All I know is 2020 will present new challenges that I am eager and ready to face, new avenues to explore, new concepts to formulate and new stories to be told. I am starting to see some early success with new EP The Ghosts Of Our Past, which you can check out on all major streaming services and my Bandcamp. With that in mind, I am now over 5,000 streams in total on Spotify and it is phenomenal to think that I've reached this milestone and I love how far this project has come. This is one of the best early Christmas presents that i could have asked for, so thank you to everyone who has checked out Vanaheimr and I will be seeing you in 2020!

As for Fjordhammer, the blog is also creeping up on that 5,000 views achievement, which again is phenomenal as the blog has only been up for 10 months or so. Although I have become a bit stagnant with the album/single reviews over the last couple of months, I'm happy that you guys are interacting with the Weekly Listening Lists and the other additional things that I do on this blog. I'm aiming to start getting in the flow with reviews again, life has definitely gotten in the way the last couple of months so I've often not had the time to sit and fully digest an album recently. Either way, I'm aiming to pick up my work rate. With 2020 round the corner, I'm starting to think about contenders for my albums of the year as well, and trust me it is an increasingly difficult task at the moment as 2019 has been a massive year for metal!

Anyway, this was just a quick end of year update for you all, I've been blown away by your support and I hope I can give you more of the same in 2020! Keep rockin' 🖤🤘


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