The Metal Scholar's Weekly Listening List (25th February 2020)

Back With My Usual Punctuality!

Yes, this week I'm on time! Although this will feel like it's right on top of the last Weekly Listening List because it is, but at least be reassured that you will have a full week between now and next Tuesday. Even so, over the last four days or so I've actually heard a lot more new stuff than I anticipated, mainly coming out of Iceland to be fair but it is some brutal and awesome stuff! I've even started another playlist so I can keep track of all these discoveries, which you can browse at your leisure. Anyway, with the weather doing weird stuff like being stormy and sunny and the days gradually becoming longer as the temperatures start to rise, I think spring is on the way. Which means we have to welcome in the new life with a big dose of metal! So without further ado, this weeks lists!

Singles Of The Week
I. Nyrst (🇮🇸) - Orsök (Dark Essence Records), Black Metal 
II. Endless Forms Most Gruesome (🇫🇮) - The Watchers (Independent), Death/Doom Metal
III. Mystagogue (🇳🇱) - Bereaved By Light (Vendetta Records), Black Metal
IV. Black Altar (🇵🇱) - Tophet (Odium Records), Black Metal
V. Úlfúð (🇮🇸) - Doom Of Kavzar (Independent), Black/Death Metal
VI. Curse (🇮🇸) - Avoid Above, Abyss Below (Schwarzdorn Production), Black Metal
VII. Darkend (🇮🇹) - The Three Ghouls Buried At Golgotha (Dark Essence Records), Symphonic Black Metal
VIII. Wombbath (🇸🇪) - Wings Of Horror (Soulseller Records), Death Metal
IX. Eerie Aeon (🇷🇺) - Cold Ages, Now And Forever (Independent), Atmospheric Black Metal
X. Skyforest (🇷🇺) - The Night Is No More (Depressive Illusions Records), Atmospheric Black Metal

Albums Of The Week
I. Mystagogue (🇳🇱) - And The Darkness Was Cast Out Into The Wilderness (Vendetta Records), Black Metal 
II. Úlfúð (🇮🇸) - First Sermon (Independent), Black/Death Metal
III. Eerie Aeon (🇷🇺) - Pale Memory Of Lost Days (Independent), Atmospheric Black Metal
IV. Skyforest (🇷🇺) - A New Dawn (Depressive Illusions Records), Atmospheric Black Metal
V. Canis Dirus (🇺🇸) - Anden Om Norr (Moribund Recordings), Black Metal

Throwback Of The Week

Keeping things brutal since 1988, devastating all that stand before them as giants of death metal and I've been lucky enough to see them tear shit up live. This week's throwback is;

Cannibal Corpse (🇺🇸) - Evisceration Plague (Metal Blade Records), Death Metal

Weekly Listening Playlist


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