The Metal Scholar's Weekly Listening List (4th March 2020)

It's That Time Of Year!

By the title I mean, it is the time of year that bands seem to be releasing things left, right and centre. Tour announcements, albums, singles, which means more can be added to the Metal Scholar's lists! I've been really impressed with some of the quality that I've heard musically and the high production standards. All these band have been putting their country on the map in the process, I love how global music is these days! With the still stormy and cold weather keeping my inside, soundtracking my every hour with some epic tunes. Even so, spring is definitely on the way, with cracks of sun seeping through the thick grey cloud. The Weekly Listening Playlist is starting to shape up and morph into a big summer playlist over the next few months! Anyway, on with this week's lists;

Singles Of The Week 
I. Malevolence (🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿) - Keep Your Distance (ft. Bryan Garris) (MLVLTD), Hardcore 
II. The Acacia Strain (🇺🇸) - Seeing God (ft. Aaron Heard) (Rise Records), Deathcore
III. Church Of Disgust (🇺🇸) - Burst Coffin (Maggot Stomp), Death Metal
IV. Kvaen (🇸🇪) - As We Serve The Masters Plan (Black Lion Records), Black Metal
V. Night Crowned (🇸🇪) - Black Bone Cross (Noble Demon), Melodic Black/Death Metal
VI. Asenblut (🇩🇪) - Codex Gigas (AFM Records), Black/Thrash Metal
VII. ORM (🇩🇰) - Notes To You (Indisciplinarian), Epic/Melodic Black Metal
VIII. Neaera (🇩🇪) - Rid The Earth Of The Human Virus (Metal Blade Records), Melodic Death Metal
IX. Ars Veneficium (🇧🇪) - Wrath Of Life (Immortal Frost Production), Black Metal
X. Wolfheart (🇫🇮) - Ashes (Napalm Records), Melodic Death Metal

Albums Of The Week 
I. Kvaen (🇸🇪) - The Funeral Pyre (Black Lion Records), Black Metal 
II. Night Crowned (🇸🇪) - Impius Viam (Noble Demon), Melodic Black/Death Metal
III. Ars Veneficium (🇧🇪) - Usurpation of the Seven (Immortal Frost Production), Black Metal
IV. Vetur (🇮🇸) - Vist (Independent), Black Metal
V. Mimorium (🇫🇮) - Blood of Qayin (Spread Evil Distribution), Black Metal

Throwback Of The Week

This week's throwback is an album that I still deeply treasure, despite all the background noise and disruption. This album still remains in a league of its own as something that I had never heard before and it it was one of the first albums I reviewed when I started Fjordhammer. This week's throwback;

Batushka (🇵🇱) - Litourgiya (Witching Hour Productions), Black Metal

The Weekly Listening Playlist


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