Fjordhammer Friday (30th October 2020)

🎃On The Eve Of Halloween 🎃

At long last, the night before my favourite holiday that isn't Yule! Samhain is a special time of year where the lines between this world and the next blur and we can feel the presence of our relatives more strongly or attract a demon, depends if you mess around with the occult stuff at this time of year. Anyway, whilst everyone is getting spooky, my mind wanders onto a Zombie Apocalypse for some strange reason, probably a sign of the times as it feels like the apocalypse, so why no raise the dead? Of course, we can't chill out with things that are trying to eat our brains, so this week I'm ramping up the speed and bringing the chainsaw, this week we're looking at thrash metal! Me and thrash have had a chequered past, but as I started going to the gym more I need something that would hype me up and keep the energy flowing, and apart from hardcore/beatdown, thrash was the only other option at the time. The intensity and crushingly fast rhythms and riffs gets you going no problem. I also got into thrash because I said to myself that I can't fully enjoy black metal without some sort of understanding about thrash. Anyway, time to cut the story and get head banging, here are this week's top underground picks for thrash! 

Tručas (🇱🇹)

Location: Kaunas

Relentlessly fast, with a punk style shouting vocal harkening back to the early days of Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer. Old School thrash that doesn't mess about!

Spotlight On - Alkoholikai Žudikai

Video Nasty (🇨🇦)

Location: Calgary, Alberta
Record Label:  Independent 

Considering the only socials I could find for this band was their Bandcamp, and not a single band photo, they truly are underground! Combining blistering thrash with horror movie subjects this seems like the perfect band for Halloween. Even though it has more of a hardcore/death metal style vocal this is thrash at it's core.

Spotlight On - Video Nasty

Agent Hellfire (🇧🇷)

Location: Berlin
Record Label: Independent 

One thing that grabbed me about these guys was the almost black metal sounding vocal over this ridiculously fast guitars. Their story seems like an interesting one as they're originally from Brazil and gathered in Germany, but one thing is for sure they aren't here to fuck around! 

Spotlight On - The Omen

Devil Beheaded (🇺🇸)

Location: Santa Rosa, Texas
Record Label: Independent

Another one with no band photos but they do have a Facebook! Devil Beheaded takes a bit more of a black metal aspect to thrash, which is usually what I prefer, and is a one man band hailing from Texas. Following in the rich metal tradition that Texas has, the latest release is a concept album about people falling from God, which in a Bible Belt state is bound to be controversial but that's how I like it!

Spotlight On - Never Above, Forever Below


Megamosh (🇩🇪)

Location: Bamberg, Bavaria
Record Label: Semaphore

Going all the way back to the late 80s/early 90s for this week's headliners. Unfortunately they are no longer a band, but considering their two albums came out in the later stages of the thrash heyday, they still stand up pretty well in this modern era for the genre. With ruthless German efficiency you get all your old school thrash needs covered with a bit of punk attitude in there too!

Spotlight On - Call To Account

That wraps it up for another week! I hope these bands soundtrack your zombie killing this Halloween and that you have a very festive Samhain to those of the pagan persuasion (like me). Dial it up to 11, rev that chainsaw and get slaying those pesky undead creatures of the night! 🤘


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