Fjordhammer Friday - Delving Into The Depths Of The Underground (2nd October 2020)

Delving Into The Depths Of The Underground

Here we go folks a brand new weekly feature for you all! Just recently I feel like I've not delved deep enough into the underground music that doesn't appear on all major streaming services. So, by the power of Bandcamp, I will scour the depths and find some awesome, truly independent releases for you, and point you to their Bandcamp page if you like what you hear! As an independent musician and producer myself, I know the struggles of promotion, so I am more than grateful for any shout out wether it be for Witchwood Wizard & The Psychic Yeti or for Vanaheimr, every like, share, retweet etc. really does help! Globally, it is a testing and frustrating time for the music industry, but without art in all its forms we become mindless zombies, cogs in the grand machine void of life and essence. With this in mind, I want to  do my bit and highlight some of the awesome unsigned bands and musicians supplying us with some hefty riffs. As always, this is the first post of this newly concocted weekly feature, the layout and format will probably be a bit rough and ready, and I will be gradually ironing out the creases as I usually do the longer it goes on. What I have in my head is 5 artists at a time and I'll aim to do a different genre focus every week (on a rotation basis) so I can cover as many bases as I can. Like I say though, I'm going to be working this out as I go along, so bare with me! For now though, on this dark, wet and cold UK autumn night, take yourself on a journey through the underground!

This Week's Genre Focus: Black Metal

What better genre is there to start on than one close to my black heart on a cold October night? Black Metal takes many forms these days, but you can't beat the traditional rawness pioneered by the Norwegians in the 1990s, in my opinion anyway. So, here are my top picks for the first Fjordhammer Friday.

Vorkuta (🇭🇺)

Formed in 2002 in Hungary, the band have a very old school black metal sound to them. Although a lot of their discography is splits (according to Encyclopaedia Metallum), there are some really vicious gems of songs amongst them. I really liked the atmospheres and overwhelming darkness of ...Where Still Darkness Dwells, takes me back to when I first listened to Mayhem!

Spotlight On: ...Where Still Darkness Dwells

Seven Portals (🇩🇪)

A melodic black metal project influenced mainly by  Dawn, Sacramentum, Windir, Summoning and Bal-Sagoth. Even though it is a demo, it is arranged and put together really well. I really enjoyed the synths and atmospherics alongside the constantly moving dynamics through out the songs. 

Spotlight On: When Mist Enshrouded The Ruins Of Lateua

Morte Lune (🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿)

Hailing from Cumbria, this mysterious band offer up bleak and dark black metal packed full of ominous atmosphere. The Temple Of Flesh EP is a thought provoking and intriguing release sure to captivate any black metal fan. I can't find much information about the band but this adds to the music as they have appeared through mysterious anonymity. 

Spotlight On: Silence Of The Night

Sálarkvöl (🇮🇸)

Hailing from the dark northern land of Iceland, raw, uncompromising and relentless black metal that is not for the feint of heart. The vocals have an interesting mix on them as they move from ear to ear in a weird panning motion, it feels like the very ghost of the artist  Í.E is passing through your skull whilst the chaotic riffs punch through the rest of your body. 

Spotlight On: Harmþrunginn

Spekter (🇩🇪)

This is one for the cassette collectors, a mix of dark ambient soundscapes, drum machine beats and chainsaw guitar tones. Hailing from Germany, I get reminded of Burzum when I listen to Spekter. Although the vocals are less shrieking and harsh, there is an edge to this music that I really enjoy. 

Spotlight On: Furthering the Vile Appetite Embodying My Carving Anguish

Returning To The Surface

And thus concludes the first instalment of Fjordhammer Friday! I apologise if it is a little rough at the moment but I hope I've brought you some international black metal artists that have peaked your intrigue! If I have please follow the links I have provided and support the bands, if not I'll try to sway you next week. Looking to the future I feel that this will be a good feature for the blog, as I want to feature as many of my contemporaries as possible! It's all trial and error but we shall see how it goes, as always thank you for your continued support 🤘


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