Ozric Tentacles - Space For The Earth

Key Facts

Country: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Genre: Progressive Psychedelic Electronic Rock

Release Date: 9th October 2020

Record Label(s): Kscope, Snapper Music

Band Members

Ed Wynne – guitars, keyboards, samples, koto, sitar, fretless bass, programming

Brandi Wynne – bass, keyboards 

Silas Neptune – keyboards, synthesizer, samples, saz 

Balázs Szende – drums, percussion 

Ozric Tentacles - Humboldt Currant

Rating (out of 5👽): 👽👽👽👽👽
Favourite Track(s): Blooperdome, Humboldt Currant, Popscape, Climbing Plants

Well, firstly this is not my usual content, and may surprise some of you, but what is life without surprises? I have been a fan of Ozric Tentacles for a long time now, and the band hold a special place in my heart. Not only are they relatively local to me in Somerset (I'm bases in Wiltshire so it's just over the county line!) but their expansive, rich and diverse music has captivated, influenced and inspired me from the very first mind bending moment I heard Dissolution off of 1989's Pungent Effulgent. So, you can imagine my excitement when Ed Wynne and the gang announced a new album! Space For The Earth is a surreal and mesmerising experience, a kaleidoscope for the ears that takes you on a journey through the mystical ether of time and space.  Texturally diverse and innovative as ever, Ozric are back with a bang!

Musically,  it is impossible to pigeon hole Ozric Tentacles, with multiple crossovers of jazz, prog, rock, psychedelic it is music to venture into your mind with on the back of a floating space turtle. The easiest way I can put it is Hendrix style guitars with...ah sod it, it's impossible! Whilst simultaneously sounding futuristic, science-fiction-y but also mythical  and fantastical, Ozric have a fine balance of the retro and the modern in their synth and electronic sound design. Alongside constantly evolving world and rock instruments, the signature diverse sound that he band are famous for is ever present on Space For The Earth. Even with that in mind the album still sounds fresh, profound and innovative. One thing I love with Ozric's music is that it is always moving and evolving into something else, the relentless restlessness of the passages always start somewhere, get built on, then come back round with something added or with a completely different feel all together. Even though it has been 5 year's since the band last released an album (one of my favourites), Technicians Of The Sacred, this is latest effort feels like a faster and even more complex musical progression with a tinge of some of their older style of sounds and song structure. The main thing is that the album is a musical experience than a set of songs, each song glides graciously into the other, transporting you into this mystical inner space world with pink clouds and crazy landscapes (well from my experience anyway). It's style continues on the Ozric eccentricity and lavishness with multiple layers and rich textures, which have left me in complete awe of the musicianship of all the band's members. The arrangements are purposeful but also have this feeling of looseness with a mind of its own, free forming around the listener. I've always felt you have to be very open minded to even attempt to understand or comprehend the oddity and quirkiness of the band's music but you will never be disappointed, Space For The Earth is another stand out effort. This will be another album that you will have to listen to multiple times to find all the hidden gems and subtle nuances in this mystical world the album creates. Overall, I have been blown away by Ozric yet again, this was a much anticipated album for me this year and trust me, believe the hype. 

As for the production, where do you even begin to dismantle and compartmentalise this thing into a realm of understanding? Anyway, the mix is phenomenal, the sheer magnitude of the soundscape and atmosphere composed of lavish layering of synths and sound design, creates a moving and evolving back drop for the drums to punch their way through. I've always been a fan of Ozric's drum mixes, they always sound so tight. The kick has a solid weight to it and anchors the songs throughout the album, with a subtle but just snappy enough snare to root the rhythms. The guitar tones have a warm sound and feel, probably gone through a valve amp. Where most of the rhythm is carried through the synths, the guitar has ample space to riff and improvise, and with the combination of effects and processing it leads to some awesome psychedelic results. The bass is probably my favourite part of the album mix, it is thick, weighty and groove laden. The thick tone underpins the whole album, locking in with the kick and fully expanding the low end so the guitars and synths can float on top. Overall, a phenomenal sounding album!

So, if you fancy joining in on this crazy psychedelic experience, I thoroughly recommend listening to and getting lost in Space For The Earth. In these dark times, this album is a ray of kaleidoscopic sunshine that we all need!

Ozric Tentacles - Space For The Earth


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