Fjordhammer Friday (7th November 2020)

But On A Saturday?!

The more observant of you will notice that the date is wrong and this should have been published yesterday. I must confess that I got a little distracted yesterday making a pie, slow cooking the filling all day, so Fjordhammer Friday completely slipped my mind! Anyway, I've been feeling surprisingly positive about the whole situation in the UK at the moment, as you'd have seen in the most recent Miscellaneous Goings On Of Tom. So, I feel like utterly cheesing it up this week and delving into the extravagant, over the top world of Power Metal! Many of you know how much I love Sabaton (they have a tank on stage, if you don't love that what is wrong with you?), but there is something so fun and enjoyably cringy about power metal. All jokes aside, a lot of amazing guitarists and songwriters reside in this genre, putting epic arrangements of synths and orchestral elements around the galloping metal drums and shrieking melodies of the guitars. Ranging from Blind Guardian to DragonForce, there is plenty of crazy bands to choose from. Lyrically it can range from Sci-Fi to high fantasy and medieval themes. So, with out any further delay my fellow metal traveller, we shall get straight to the melodic awesomeness that is power metal!

Black Soul Horde (🇬🇷)

Location: Athens

Record Label(s): No Remorse Records

Kicking things off in Athens! Combining lyrical themes of dark fantasy and valour alongside the writings of Robert E. Howard (creator of Conan The Barbarian), Black Soul Horde give a plentiful feast for the imagination with their vivid imagery and epic riffs!

Spotlight On - Soulships

Septris (🇨🇭)

Location: Neuchâtel

Record Label(s): Independent

Thundering Swiss outfit Spetris have meaty riffs a plenty. One thing that stood out to me is the unique voice of Grégory Sandoz on vocals, the low earthy tones compliment the epic riffs and medieval imagery painted by the lyrics. 

Spotlight On - Legacy

Anubis (🇺🇸)

Location: Los Angeles, California

Record Label(s): Swords & Chains Records

Power metal with a dose of west coast thrash thrown in for good measure! A relentlessly fast and uncompromising band with soaring vocal melodies. Definitely something to listen to if you need hyping up.

Spotlight On - Everything Disintegrates

Possessed Steel (🇨🇦)

Location: Ontario

Record Label(s): Independent

Power metal with a healthy dose of doom in there as well. Although Possessed Steel slow it down a bit there is still plenty of epic arrangements and soaring vocals to be heard. With medieval imagery, this is definitely adventure music. 

Spotlight On - Skeleton King 


Dragonrider (🇯🇴)

Location: Amman

Record Label(s): Symphoqueen

Epic power metallers hailing from Jordan channelling the Iron Maiden/Judas Priest vocals with the Sabaton riffing power underneath. Definitely ones to look out for!

Spotlight On - Sceptre of Domination

Thus ends another Fjordhamer Friday but on a Saturday. My apologies once again for it being a day late but I am adamant it shall not happen again! I hope you have enjoyed this power metal journey, now go slay some dragons! 


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