The Metal Scholar's Weekly Listening List (19th January 2021)

Another Slow January Week For Sure

This month is taking its sweet time I can tell you, but as we reach its end we're starting to get to the exciting part of winter when album releases slowly start to trickle out. I've definitely been getting lost in a lot of music the pst couple of days as I battle with this ridiculous melancholy that has reared its irritating head. Anyway, I won't go on a bout Lockdown struggles as I've done that already! Today is one of those beautiful and rainy winter days where I want nothing more than to batten down the hatches and read a damn good book, accompanied with a fine cup of tea of course. Or a long walk listening to the classic black metal albums is always an option to. Whilst having all this time to immerse myself and think, I've definitely been toying with ideas to revive Vanaheimr in a new light as I am exposed to more new music and inspiring artists. Like many artists at the moment, motivation to create music is at a premium but hopefully that will change soon as the ideas come to me. I am looking into new ideas to freshen this weekly feature up, and possibly change Fjordhammer Friday's subject focus, it's a tad difficult at the moment as nothing seems to float my boat, and I want to give you guys the best content I can. If it doesn't pass my own high standards it doesn't get to see the light of day. Anyway, I better get on with this week's lists, so here they are.

Singles Of The Week

I. Eisbrecher (🇩🇪) - FAKK (RCA/Sony), Neue Deutsche Härte

II. Thou (🇺🇸)/Emma Ruth Rundle (🇺🇸) - Crone Dance (Sacred Bones Records), Doom/Drone/Sludge Metal

III. Bewitcher (🇺🇸) - Satanic Magick Attack (Century Media Records), Speed/Black Metal

IV. Haljōrūna (🇸🇪/🇳🇴) - Skumringsheim (Independent), Black Metal

V. The Crown (🇸🇪) - Motordeath (Metal Blade Records), Melodic Death/Thrash Metal

VI. Monolord (🇸🇪) - I'm Staying Home (Relapse Records), Stoner/Doom Metal

VII. Wolf King (🇺🇸) - Wandering Soul (Prosthetic Records), Blackened Hardcore

VIII. Trup (🇵🇱) - NIE (Godz Ov War Productions), Blackened Sludge Metal

IX. Mork (🇳🇴) - Arv (Peaceville Records), Black Metal

X. Eyehategod (🇺🇸) - Fake What's Yours (Century Media Records), Sludge/Doom Metal

Albums Of The Week

I. Thou (🇺🇸)/Emma Ruth Rundle (🇺🇸) - The Helm of Sorrow (Sacred Bones Records), Doom/Drone/Sludge Metal

II. Haljōrūna (🇸🇪/🇳🇴) - Haustblot (Independent), Black Metal

III. Gates Of Doom (🇮🇹) - Aquileia Mater Aeterna (Independent), Epic Death/Black Metal 

IV. Nietzu (🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿) - X H U L (Independent), Atmospheric/Post-Black Metal

V. Gravehuffer (🇺🇸) - NecroEclosion (Black Doomba Records), Thrash Metal/Crust/Grindcore

Throwback Of The Week

This week's throwback hails from mighty Scotland. It is one of my favourite atmospheric black metal albums of all time and it has recently been remastered to sound bigger and better than it was before! This album has been a mainstay for me since I first heard it way back in 2016 and its awesome that it got this massive upgrade to its sound. This week's throwback is;

Saor (🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿) - Guardians: Remixed & Remasters (Fortriu Productions), Atmospheric Folk/Black Metal

Favourite Song

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