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It's All Happening But It's All Good!

Apologies for my silence this week, I felt that I had to take a short break from Fjordhammer as various other buts of work have consumed me. Still adjusting to a new routine whilst going back to work in the pub the last two weeks has been mentally exhausting as my internal schedule is all thrown out. This has also lead to me feeling like I can't really switch off, which as we know can be damaging to the efforts I have made on my mental health and dealing with toxic productivity. The confusing thing is that instead of being productive for feeling like I need to do something, its productivity through determination and ambition, as I am seeing my efforts pay off with opportunities and I want to make the most of them. However, through this I have to remember to make time for myself and to allow myself to switch off, which just recently has become a bit difficult and I when I get down I start to doubt and question my abilities in the quest to find my place in the industry that I love. I did just that at the beginning of this week, and had two-ish wonderful days of exploration, chilling and good food. With a heart this full and content, it really brought home to me how far I've come, how hard I've worked and how much I now have that I don't ever want to lose. It is scary when you've never had this much positivity before and your heart feels like it's bursting out your chest. It all became a bit overwhelming yesterday and as I walked home from at quiet shift in the rain my thoughts overtook me and as the scenery melted away I couldn't believe the milestone that I have reached on this journey of healing. Whilst I left after these two-ish days under a cloud of sadness and mind fogged by nothing but the memories I had just created (a cloud that still hangs over me today akin to post-gig depression), the complex patchwork of emotions is so hard to decipher. When you know your mind thrives on logic, process and reason, something so exciting, adrenaline inducing and in the moment can send you into a panicked overdrive of sorts. Even though this happened, I am thankful it did, as it made me realise how intensely I can feel. After years of feeling nothing and emptiness, I am now feeling everything. Although it's scary at times, I know I deserve this happiness, this absolute joy and brilliant intensity. I love all the roles that I have taken on in different ways and all this wonderful experience I'm gathering will only help me in the future. More importantly though, the people in my life are my key focus, as we come out of this hell 12 months, making sure that they know that I'm always here for them, always ready and willing to help and get through the many challenges yet to come together as well as enjoying all the positives with them. At the end of the day, I feel like I'm part of something greater than myself now, although it is not gigantic my animist values makes me feel like I am connected to something. I feel like I am being guided through these times by the people around me and forces that I cannot see. So, while I continue to work out how to rebalance my life, I want to show my gratitude to everyone. I know I say it a lot but I truly appreciate all your support, love and kindness. Every day I wake up and feel a little bit more healed, which is a wonderful feeling. 

What I'm Listening To At This Very Moment

Myrkur's Folkesange album is just a beautiful piece of art. The melodies and atmospheres have a healing quality to them. You can just relax and get lost in the soundscape of the album, imagining the stories they are depicting as well as your own. This seven minute epic was always my favourite as I feel like it follows a similar format to Wardruna songs. Think of Thor in Helheim is always an epic story filled with danger and courage, this courage is something I want to bring to today. 

What I've Been Jamming To This Week

It should come as no surprise that it's the new Cannibal Corpse album. Violence Unimagined is an absolute monster of an album and the band still sound fresh and at the top of their game after 30 years. You can read my full thoughts in my review, but seriously if you haven't listened to this album yet, you NEED to. 

Thank You All For Understanding

So yeah, I just thought I'd offer up a little update for you all on what's been happening in the world of Tom. The Fjordhammer Weekly Listening List will be back next Tuesday as per usual and I will be working on a couple of reviews and things. In the words of the pride of Bristol music IDLES "I'll say what  I mean, do what I love and fucking send it", nothing is stopping me on this journey and nothing will shift my focus. I just need to consider and revaluate my productivity, whilst routine will be key to this, I need to make sure I can switch off and not feel guilty for reading or playing video games. I'm dealing with some overwhelmingly positive and complex emotions that I've never felt before and it's all part of the process. Thank you all for your understanding, support and love, it means so much to me and I am so so grateful for it. Big love as always, keep rockin'! 🤘💙


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